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Can you feel the Christmas in the air? It’s our favorite time of year for a lot of reasons. The gifts! The music! The food! Unfortunately, for children in the Dallas and Fort Worth foster care system, Christmas doesn’t feel the same as it does to you and I. That’s why Kids First has continued our annual tradition of encouraging members of the community to “adopt” the wish list of foster children and make their Christmas wonderful.

Christmas for Foster Children

Foster Children Christmas Wish Lists are Here!

Be “Santa” to Dallas/Fort Worth Foster Children by Adopting a Christmas Wish List!

For a foster child, Christmas can be a time of uncertainty and even sadness. They are away from their biological families and may be in unfamiliar surroundings. Of course, they know other children will receive toys and clothes and other exciting presents, but they wonder if they will ever get anything like that. They fear they’ve been forgotten and Christmas just won’t be the same.

That’s where you can step in! By adopting a foster child’s wish list, you can bring them some of the Christmas joy they long for. These are good kids, they’re just going through some rough circumstances. Let’s work together to bring them a smile and some love this Christmas season.

How Does It Work?

It’s a simple process. Go to our Wish Lists page and you’ll see a list of all the foster children who have filled out wish lists for their Christmas gifts. You can even see the list, check out the child’s age, and see what they’ve requested. When you’ve found one (or more!) you’d like to “adopt”, then enter your name and email and you’ll be able to download the wish list. That child’s list is then marked as “adopted” and no one else will be able to select them.

That means of course that it’s incredibly important to follow through! Adopting a child’s wish list is such a beautiful thing – it’s vital that you then actually purchase the gifts you can afford and bring them to the Kids First office in Fort Worth. You don’t have to get them everything on their list; whatever you feel moved to give will be wonderful.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all about our Wish List program, please contact us. We love to help these foster children, and we know you will be blessed as well as you give to those in need. And of course, if you’re moved to explore becoming a foster parent or even considering adoption, let’s talk! We want to work together to make life better for these amazing children!


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