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According to statistics in the United States there are more than 440,000 children in foster care. Love, protection, and the support every child needs are provided by foster parents. At the same time, foster parents gain an experience of growth and learning. For both the foster child and foster parent, here are some benefits of fostering.

The Family Bond is Strengthened

Foster Care Benefits - Kids First, Inc.

Foster care is beneficial for the children and for the parents. Here are some reasons why.

Fostering has a way of making the family bond even stronger than it was before. When a foster child is welcomed into the home by the parents and the whole family working together, the teamwork unites them even more than before. It can be really exciting to receive a new family member, and everyone will want to be part of making it a success story.

Generations Are Changed by Foster Care

Not only does a foster child receive security, love, and care from foster parenting, but so will the generations that will come after the child. The lessons you teach a foster child as they grow under your care and guidance, will impact their lives as well as their children’s lives and their children’s children’s lives. They will pass your lessons on to the generations after them.

Meaningful Lessons Are Learned

As a foster parent you will learn life lessons. You can learn how the foster system works by attending foster parenting classes. Your capacity to love and care will increase as you learn to be more caring and compassionate.

You Will Influence Your Community

Your good deeds can easily influence the surrounding community. People might be challenged to also make a positive impact in their community when they see your compassion and care. Even if they don’t become foster parents, they can donate or do something good for their community.


It is not only the child in a foster home who benefits from foster care but also the foster parents and family. The foster system not only provides a life-altering experience but also an appreciation of things otherwise taken for granted. Please contact us for help with foster and kinship care.