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Rosie with the Washburn Family

Foster Home: Washburn

Name of the child: Rosie

What is your age: 11

Gender: female

Wish list from Santa- pick 3 items:

  • legos
  • squishy balls
  • adult coloring books
  • fluffy socks to wear with her crocs

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite subject: Read - comics/anime books

Favorite colors : pink

Favorite movie, cartoon, TV show: Legos

Favorite hobby or hobbies: Draw and color

Favorite place: Mall- pjs - size 16 girls or woman’s XS, she prefers shorts to sleep in and either t shirts or tank tops, baggy t-shirts (women's small), jeans (girls 14/16, juniors 3 in jeggings), zip up hoodies (kids 16 or women's small), scarfs

Favorite clothes: mostly kids 14/16, women’s XS/small.  Shoe size women’s 7.

What I want to be when I grow up: RN

Create DateNovember 23, 2022