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Boy, Age 18 Months

My Name: __Boy _ My Age: 18 mths_ Gender: male I live with: Cundy


Favorite Colors: Gray and blue                                                               

Favorite TV Show: Teletubbies and Disney singing movies              

Favorite Movie:      all movies with cars and legos                     

Favorite Animal:     Zoo animals                                                             

Favorite Sport:none                                                                

Favorite Book:       anything that make music                                         

Favorite fun thing to do: dance and run                                                   

Favorite thing to collect: none                                                         

Favorite Song/Singer:     none                                                                

Favorite Video game: none                                                                    

Favorite thing to do outside:   jump run and yell                               

I will be          Artist                                           when I grow up!

2 gifts I want the most:   clothes and toys (age appropriate)               


What else do you would you like us to know about you?

       I like to play with my twin sister and older brother.                           



Create DateNovember 28, 2018
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