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Jessika, Age 15

My Name: Jessika Gender: Female   My Age:15  I live with: Griffin


Favorite Colors: Purple and Blue                                                              

Favorite TV Shows: Lost & Found and Grey’s Anatomy                           

Favorite Movies:         Twilight and Harry Potter                                       

Favorite Animals:       Elephant   and Dogs                                              

Favorite Sports: Basketball, football and Track                                       

Favorite Books:  Light in the Attic                                                             

Favorite fun things to do:   Listen to Music, Color and Read                  

Favorite things to collect:   Seashells and Flags of Universities    

Favorite Songs/Singers:     Beyoncé, Christina Perri and Uncover         

Favorite Video games:        Minecraft                                                       

Favorite things to do outside:     Play sports and Running                     

I will be     Teacher and Coach                                                 when I grow up!

2 gifts I want the most:

         Diamond Earrings                                                           

         Calendar Book                                                        

What else do you would you like us to know about you?

         I like school, math subject, and drawing                      

         I am strong AND powerful                                              

Create DateNovember 21, 2018