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Jessyca, Age 15

My Name: Jessyca Gender: Female My Age: 15 I live with: A. Ashford


Favorite Colors: Blue                                                      

Favorite TV Shows:   I am Frankie                                                

Favorite Movies:     Eragon                                                                                  

Favorite Animals:           Bobcat                                              

Favorite Sports:      Soccer                                                      

Favorite Books:      Strange Angels                                          

Favorite fun things to do:       Anything with music and makeup  

Favorite things to collect: Hoodie                                                    

Favorite Songs/Singers:  Serendipity                                                

Favorite Video games:    Diablo                                                             

Favorite things to do outside: Volleyball__________________  

I will be   Musical Performance                                  when I grow up!

2 gifts I want the most:

       A Manicure kit                                                 

       Gift card for makeup                                               

What else do you would you like us to know about you?

       I’m funny. .                                                                    



Create DateNovember 21, 2018
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