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Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our annual Christmas Wish Lists. Every year people from all over Dallas & Fort Worth “adopt” the Christmas wish list of local children in the foster care system. It changes lives by blessing vulnerable children. Please check it out, and if you haven’t already, adopt one or more wish lists and make a child’s dreams come true.

But while we’re thinking about wish lists, what about our wish list? As a foster care support and training organization and as an adoption agency, we have our own wishes that we want to see come true this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some items from our own Christmas list:


What Kids First Wants for Christmas - Dallas Fort Worth TX adoption foster parent

What do we want for Christmas? More joy, more families, more healing!

We want to see every child on our Christmas Wish List project have their list adopted. Every one is a beautiful soul, loved by God, who happens to be going through a rough period. Gifts at Christmas time will let them know they aren’t forgotten.


With more foster parents in Texas, we can do even more to help at-risk children in DFW. For our Christmas wish list, we would love to have many new foster families begin their training and become certified for child placements. Kids First provides full training, and we’ll support you every step of the way. We never leave new foster parents stranded without proper support. If you have ever considered being a foster parent, it’s time to start the process – we will walk you through the whole thing. Or at least contact us and ask questions. We love talking about fostering, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. But don’t ignore that tug on your heart that says, “You can do this. You need to do this.”


At Kids First, we want to see children and families healed of the traumas that they have suffered. Often we see little ones who have had to bear more in their short lifetimes than many do in decades. And we see the lingering pain in entire families that can be caused by neglect or abuse. Dr. Carla Johnson is an expert in Trust-Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI) and conducts training in trauma recovery worldwide. Contact us if you’d like to learn more and find healing.


We’re so thankful for every one of our foster parents and adoptive families, and so grateful we get to help infants, children, and teens across Dallas and Fort Worth. So our “wish list” is really just more of what we’re already seeing happen: children loved and families restored. Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas to you all!

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