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Just before Thanksgiving, we announced this year’s Christmas wish lists for Dallas and Fort Worth area foster children. The response was overwhelming! We want to say thank you for adopting a child’s wish list! All the children’s lists have been adopted.

By adopting a child’s wish list, you’re bringing them Christmas joy. Being a foster child, especially during the holidays, can be tough. But with your generosity, you’re telling them they aren’t forgotten, and they are loved.

Adopting a Child's Wish List is Beautiful! But have you considered foster parenting? ...

Adopting a Child’s Wish List is Beautiful! But have you considered foster parenting? …

We’re so thankful to everyone who is participating, or who shared this program with friends, or even if you’re just finding out about it and supporting the idea. We all share responsibility for these children, and when we see the gifts coming in, that truth is very visible. The community is coming together to bless the most vulnerable among us.

But I Missed Adopting a Child’s Wish List!

If you missed out, there are still opportunities to bless these kids, and many more like them. And these opportunities are not just limited to the Christmas season, they are year-round.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of children needing foster placement in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. They need loving homes. They need good role models. Have you considered opening your home to a foster child?

Becoming a foster parent isn’t for everyone, but it’s incredibly rewarding for those that choose to do it. You’re never on your own – Kids First provides extensive training and support for our foster parents. You’ll also become part of a community of foster parents that love and support each other as they all try to love and support their foster children.

Won’t you consider being a foster parent? The need is tremendous, but the rewards are even better. If you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, contact Kids First, Inc today to discuss your options. There’s no obligation, it’s just a way to start the conversation and answer your questions. We’d love to hear from you. God bless, and Merry Christmas!

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