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The answer is yes. Working full-time while foster parenting is allowed but it will take more than just leaving your foster child with a babysitter, daycare center or a preschool. They must all be approved through your agencies, who should have a list of caregivers who have passed background checks and are prepared to look after your child while you work.

Planning to Work Full-Time

Can You Work Full-Time While Foster Parenting? - Kids First, Inc. Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Can you work full-time as a foster parent? Yes, but it takes some planning.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to balancing a career and parenting, just as it is for parents with biological kids. You need to have a plan, for your social worker’s approval, on how you will manage the appointments and meetings that you need to attend, both with and on behalf of, your foster child.

You will also need a plan for how you will rearrange your schedule if the child becomes sick at school or daycare. What will you do on school holidays? Besides all the meetings, doctor’s visits, classes and social workers visits, you may also have to include your foster child’s visit with his or her biological parents, as well as court dates, in your schedule.

Outside the need to rearrange your schedule, you should know that the less time you spend with your foster child the more time it will take you both to bond with one another. Some foster parents prefer to volunteer for short-term care such as a weekend or a few days until the child can be placed in a longer-term home.

However You Do It, Please DO IT

Your love and supervision are greatly needed in the foster care system, whether you choose to stay home, foster full-time, work full-time, or do relief care. To find out what will best suit your life talk to us at Kids First. We would love to help you find the best way to support and care for these children.