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You would love to have a foster child in your home, but you’re not sure you can afford it. Perhaps your income is only modest, and your home is not big and spacious. These constraints should not keep you from becoming a foster parent. You don’t need to be rich as long as you are able to support a foster child financially. Kids First are experts in training and equipping foster families in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and we can help you, too. Let’s have a look at ways you can afford to get into being a foster parent.


Most states including Texas cover the cost of raising foster children by providing an allowance to foster parents. Included in these expenses is housing, clothing, school supplies and activities. It can help with costs even though it is just a small amount.

Yes, You Can Afford to Become a Foster Parent - Kids First, Inc.

With budgeting and some assistance, you can afford to become a foster parent.


It is a good idea to save part of your income every pay period before you receive your first placement. This will help you pay for expenses that the allowance doesn’t cover. If your foster child has a health condition that needs extra medical care, your savings will be a benefit. Some states might reimburse you for childcare costs if you work away from home. Your savings will prepare you financially for foster parenting. So the more you save the more prepared you will be.


You can save money just by looking out for good grocery and clothing bargains. Look for affordable places to buy clothes for your foster child such as thrift stores and consignment shops. Buy sales items in bulk at your supermarket. This will give you sufficient food for the next few weeks. Another help in saving money on groceries are manufacturers’ coupons as well as store-brand products.

Medicaid Covers Foster Children

This is a great help with covering some of the costs of medical expenses for your foster child. One of the best ways to reduce medical expenses is preventative care. Teach your child proper hygiene and, even if your child has no warning symptoms, let the pediatrician, dentist and eye doctor examine him regularly.


Finally, don’t worry that your income will prevent you from becoming a foster parent.  The love and compassion that the child experiences in your home are far more important. Please contact us at Kids First if you need help with getting started in foster parenting. We would like to offer you the guidance you need to start this journey the right way.