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Have you had foster parenting on your mind for a while now? Perhaps you saw something on TV, in the media or on the internet, or maybe your interest was triggered by a foster parent or foster child that you know.

When we at Kids First meet with prospective parents, we share information about foster care and the children in foster care. Another thing we do is to explain the requirements for becoming foster parents and also how to start the process.

Reasons to Become a Foster Parent - Kids First, Inc.

Why do YOU want to become a foster parent? There are hundreds of reasons.

When asking the question “Why should I become a foster parent?”, your reply is important. Naturally each person answers differently but over the years we have noticed that there are common reasons often mentioned by the more successful parents.

Because I care about children, I want to help them.

An effective way of showing children and youth in foster care, who have been abused, neglected and abandoned, that the future holds hope, is through foster parenting.

I think I did a good job as a parent and now I want to help other children.

When parenting a child who has possibly been abused or suffered trauma and separation. having parenting skills could prove useful. Being able to utilize their experiences to deal with each child’s specific needs is what makes a good parent.

Even though I am kind and loving, when necessary I can be firm.

Besides being able to give a lot of love, it is important for foster parents to have good parenting and communication skills. Being patient, consistent and following through on expectations and rules, is imperative.

I would like to continue with parenting.

It can be infectious to experience children’s energy, their joy and excitement. As an adult, spending a day at the park, or reading a child’s favorite book over and over, can be a lot of fun.

I enjoy being challenged.

Each child is unique and they each have their own special needs and challenges.


These are just a few of the many reasons for becoming a foster parent. It is a job that can be both extremely challenging and at the same time most rewarding. If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like more information, please give us a call at Kids First. We would love to meet you.