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There are thousands of children in foster care waiting for their forever family and longing to experience the love and acceptance of a family they can call their own. Here are some things to know about the process if you are considering adopting through foster care.

It can cost less than you expect

Adoption Through Foster Care - Kids First, Inc.

Want to adopt through foster care? We can help.

Adoption is generally considered expensive, but by adopting from foster care the costs are much less than other types of adoption. Because foster-to-adopt services are contracted through the state most of the traditional adoption costs are done away with. The costs of the paperwork and attorney are mainly paid by the adoptive family.

Toddlers to teenagers

Generally, people imagine adopting a baby when they think of adoption. The children in foster care waiting for adoption range in age from toddlers to teenagers, with the average age being 8 years old.

There are no two cases the same

Though there are many misconceptions about children in foster care, the truth is that they are just children needing a loving stable home. Some desperately want to stay together with their brothers and sisters. Some have experienced more trauma than others and some have special needs. Each case is different, and every child has their own individual circumstances.

Adoption includes loss

A child will still struggle with the trauma experienced before their adoption even though they now have a forever family. Because the children in foster care have experienced abuse or neglect, they have been removed from their biological parents’ home and placed in foster care.

Foster care provides the children with a safe place to work through those emotions and heal. Training is given to foster parents, foster-to-adopt and adoptive parents to help them understand the effects of trauma on children and how they can best support the child.


Opening your heart and home to a child or teen in need takes a special person. It takes hard work, courage and love, and it especially takes someone like you! Contact Kids First today to discuss fostering and adoption.