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It can be overwhelming when you foster a child for the first time, particularly when you are trying to make them feel welcome in your home and you’re looking for ways to build a relationship with them. Here are some ideas for fun activities to help you bond as a family this summer.

Summer Fun Activities

Family Vacation

Summer Fun Activities for Foster Families - Kids First, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX

Use your summer days to build family ties with fun activities.

Everyone gets excited when you gather around the table and plan a family vacation. You don’t necessarily need to get extravagant.  Just spending a few days enjoying the sights in another city or simply camping, can be such fun.


Make one night of the week a family movie night and they get to choose the movie or treat your foster child to a big summer blockbuster at the movies. For a really different experience take the whole family to a drive-in movie if you have one close by.


Everyone loves swimming in the summertime. Why not have some fun together as a family at your neighborhood swimming pool?


One of the best ways to spend family quality time is to cook together creating something delicious to eat. Allow your foster child to pick the meal or you choose something that’s sure to be a winner. You’ll be teaching them a skill for life and, at the same time making family memories together. What could be better?


You may not consider puzzles the most exciting summer activity, but when it’s too hot to be doing anything outdoors they’re a great way to spend some relaxing time together. Find something challenging but not overly difficult that will test everyone’s problem solving abilities.

Ask for Ideas

You can get started with the ideas we’ve mentioned but asking them what they want to do is the best way to be sure your foster child enjoys the summer. Allowing your foster child to have a say provides them with a sense of worthiness which they may not have felt for in a long time.

Find Out More About Becoming a Foster Parent

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, we’d love to have you call us at Kids First and to talk with you about your family, as well as your long-term goals. We will travel with you throughout the foster care process and provide you with dedicated support.