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It can be tough for your foster kids to make the changeover from a long break to getting back to school, no matter what grade they are in. However, you can make it so much easier for them with some pre-planning and a bit of organization.

Here are a few simple things for you to keep in mind if your kids are getting back to school this semester.

Back to School Tips from Kids First

Get Back to School-Time Sleeping Schedule

Though an alarm can wake your kids up, it can’t help them to feel rested and ready to face the day.  To gradually acclimatize them for the new semester, get them back to a school-time sleeping schedule two weeks before the start of the semester.

Back to School Tips for Foster Families - Kids First, Inc.

It’s exciting, it’s a bit scary, it’s chaotic… it’s back to school!

It may seem strange to set an alarm when in actual fact the kids are still on vacation but getting them used to the schedule they will be following for the rest of the year will help them to get up without feeling groggy. They will also be better able to concentrate in class without feeling that they need more sleep.

Organize the Mudroom

There is nothing worse than when you are in a hurry to get going, someone can’t find all their necessities from backpacks, to shoes, to coats. It is a good idea to keep all these items in one place near the door. It could be the mudroom, a space in the garage, or even the back of a bedroom door. The main thing is to make sure that everyone gets into the habit of keeping all their things in one place just waiting for them to step into their shoes, shrug on their backpacks, and be ready to step out the door in a flash. Certainly much better than rushing around doing an early morning scavenger hunt.

Use a Calendar App

We are fortunate to be living in a technological age with tools to help us stay on top of things. While a calendar app can perform the same function as a school day planner, as far as keeping notes, they also allow for sharing with parents. So whatever the student marks down, whether it be a test or a project, their parents know as well. This not only prevents burning the midnight oil on a last-minute rush to complete a big project, it also creates clear lines of communication about events happening in a student’s life.

Keep Extra Supplies on Hand

To avoid problems, make sure your child has some back-ups of stationery and other miscellaneous items, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, etc., that they need during the school day. If they keep them in their backpack, or locker they will have something to fall back on no matter what issue they run into.

Have a Dedicated Homework Area

It is hard enough doing homework but having all the distractions around makes it even tougher. Setting aside a designated place to work can make a huge difference. Make sure it is a place that gets them in the mindset that it’s time to work. By helping them to keep their focus they can get their work done so much faster.


If you would like more tips on helping your foster children keep on top of their needs, simply call us at Kids First today!