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Once you’ve decided that Texas foster adoption is right for you, you can begin the process whenever you’re ready. Because the Texas foster care adoption procedure is complex and varied, we won’t be able to cover everything in this overview, so it’ll be up to you to go over it all more thoroughly. We’re here to teach you the basics, and with that in mind, here are the five steps to adopting a child from Child Protective Services in Texas:

Step 1: Select an Agency

Your first step is to choose the adoption agency through which you will adopt a child. Because this is a complicated process, you’ll need an experienced and trustworthy professional as your guide and provider of Texas foster care and adoption services.

Step 2: Submit your state application.

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Before they can continue forward, all hopeful parents must pass the Texas foster care adoption standards. This is critical in ensuring that children are placed in safe, loving homes with families who can meet their requirements.

In the state of Texas, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • A reliable and sufficient source of income
  • Medical records
  • Check for criminal records
  • plus a lot more

The state agency will verify that these requirements are met in your initial application before approving you to go to the next step.

Step 3: Complete the home study

The Texas foster care department requires all prospective foster and adoptive parents to complete a home study. They’ll determine whether you’re ready to welcome a foster child into your life and home.

Step 4: Waiting and placement

In order for a placement to be successful, your agency will want to make sure that you and the child are a good match. If they believe there is a waiting child who would be a good match for your family, they will contact you.

Before the placement, you will work with your agency to review files and, possibly, meet the child. Then, if both you and the child believe the placement is appropriate, you will welcome them home.

Step 5: Finalization

The final step will be to legalize your child as a permanent member of your family! A finalization hearing will be scheduled six months after your initial placement.

Prior to that hearing, your social worker will return to conduct post-placement visits, which will be similar to the pre-placement visits that were conducted during your home study. This time, they will make certain that everyone is adjusting well.

Then, at the hearing, a judge will issue a final decree of adoption. Texas families frequently regard this as the point at which their family officially becomes a family.

Ready to talk about adopting a child from foster care?

Texas residents who want to learn more about waiting foster children for adoption should contact a foster care agency directly. Kids First are experts in adopting a child from the Texas foster care system. We will be able to explain the process of adopting a child in the custody of Texas Child Protective Services. Contact us today.