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Bringing children into your home who aren’t yours sounds daunting–and part of that burden is costly. How will you cover all of the expenses associated with the foster children in your care? Your current income may seem insufficient, but it will become even more so when you add more children to your family! As a result, many prospective foster parents begin to wonder, “Do you get paid to be a foster parent in Texas?”

Being a foster parent comes with no monetary compensation.

Are Texas Foster Parents Paid? - Kids First, Inc. - Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Texas foster parents aren’t left on their own. Find out more about the help they can receive.

You are not compensated when you choose to open your home.  Each month, you aren’t slipping a check into your pocket to help you pay your existing bills. Fostering children isn’t intended to be a money-making venture.

The State does provide you with a stipend.

The amount you receive will vary depending on the number of foster children in your care and any specific circumstances surrounding the children: for example, those with special needs may receive a greater amount to cover additional care costs. This money, on the other hand, is not for your personal use. Rather, it’s meant to assist you in meeting the financial needs of the foster children in your care. Many foster parents know that the money they receive from the state is less than half of what they need to care for their children in foster care.

There is financial assistance available.

The good news is that fostering children does come with some assistance. They will have full medical coverage, which will cover both the cost of care as well as any emergency or sick expenses incurred in the course of caring for the child.

Learn More About Foster Parent Reimbursement

Being a foster parent comes with a lot of benefits, including the love and pride that comes with caring for a child who needs your support. However, the benefit isn’t financial in nature it’s in the form of love. If you’re ready to begin the process of becoming a foster parent, or if you have any questions, contact us now to learn more about whether or not you qualify and how you can get started.