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Thousands of Texas foster children are in need of permanent families. Adopting and fostering are wonderful ways to give a child the love and stability he or she deserves. Every family’s road to becoming foster or adoptive parents is unique, but they all have at least three characteristics. They are caring, patient, and want to make a significant and permanent difference in the lives of children and teens.

Fostering or Adopting?

Should You Foster Before Adopting? - Kids First, Inc.

Fostering or adopting… both are big decisions that will have a huge impact on the life of a child.

Fostering a child can be a short-term or long-term responsibility, whereas adoption is a lifetime commitment. Some children are only in foster care for a brief period of time, because sometimes it is possible for them to return home or live with a relative. In other instances, children end up living in foster care for lengthier periods of time while they wait for their parents or guardians to comply with the conditions imposed by their caseworkers.

There is a standard process that must be followed whether you want to foster or adopt. There will be several meetings and interviews first, as well as an evaluation of your living environment. The next step will be a series of specialized workshops or training aimed at assisting traumatized youngsters. Much of the training takes place before a foster child is placed in your home, and it normally takes 3 to 6 months to complete. The family’s desire and capacity to complete the necessary paperwork and tasks in a reasonable timeframe will determine how long the adoption process will take.

So, what exactly is the difference between adoption and foster care? To put it simply, foster care is normally temporary, but adoption is permanent. Foster-to-adopt families get to know the child and his or her background before moving forward with the adoption process. Foster children who are adopted by their foster parents are more likely to succeed than those who are adopted by a family with whom they have not formed a bond. Families may follow a variety of paths to attain their ultimate goal of adoption, but the best path for your family is the one that best fits you.

Are You Ready to Explore Fostering or Adopting?

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