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The goal of National Adoption Month is to raise awareness of adoption. Even though we celebrate adoption all year long, November is the perfect time to inspire others to do the same!

National Adoption Month is a fantastic opportunity to discuss adoption because there are so many children waiting for their forever families. It also clarifies the various resources related to adoption that birth moms, adoptive parents, and adopted children can access.

The National Adoption Awareness Month: What Is It?

An effort is being made on a national scale to raise awareness of the adoption process during National Adoption Awareness Month. This month is devoted to promoting adoption, educating the general public, and recognizing those whose lives have been changed by adoption. The main goal of this initiative is to:

  • Honor the families involved in the adoption process.
  • Be aware that there are still hundreds of thousands of youngsters in foster care awaiting adoption.
  • Raise adoption awareness.
  • Speak up for children’s well-being.
  • Provide birth parents with essential resources to assist them in every step of the adoption process.
  • Request adoption support from the business and community.
November is National Adoption Awareness Month - Kids First, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX

November is the perfect time to start the adoption process.

What time of year is National Adoption Awareness Month?

The initial adoption-related activity began on Monday and lasted for seven days through the first week of November. In 1998, the entire month of November was declared as National Adoption Awareness Month.

How to Promote Awareness of Adoption

National Adoption Awareness Month is celebrated nationwide with events and observances that emphasize its goals. We recognize those who have made a difference and assist those involved in the process through events including volunteer recruiting, recognition dinners, fundraisers, community activities, and showcasing personal stories.

National Adoption Day, which usually takes place on a Saturday in November, is one of the most momentous events we experience across the nation when thousands of adoptions are finalized simultaneously at court hearings.

Everyone Can Participate

Everyone can take part in National Adoption Month, regardless of whether they are considering adoption, an adoptive or foster family, an adopted child, a supporter of the cause, etc. Here are some examples of ways you can support this major undertaking:

  • Become knowledgeable about the origins and purpose of the month.
  • Share information with your friends and family.
  • Participate in a community event.
  • Donate to a charity event or a nearby adoption or foster care facility.
  • Offer your services as a volunteer at an adoption or foster care facility.

If you are an adoptive or foster parent, you might want to think about starting a family tradition to recognize the month.

Be Compassionate

It’s important to keep in mind that not all adoption process participants celebrate their journey during National Adoption Awareness Month. Some people find it difficult to deal with a sense of loss or sadness as a result of their own adoption experiences. Recognize and respect the fact that everyone is unique.

Discover More About National Adoption Awareness Month

Are you interested in finding out more about adoption or National Adoption Month? You can access a wealth of materials through Kids First. We can assist you if you want to consider your options or find support for your journey. Our compassionate staff provides the caring support you require to answer your inquiries.

To learn more about adoption as we observe National Adoption Awareness Month in November, contact us at Kids First right away!