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Foster parenting can be a lonely journey at times, with its own set of challenges. Finding foster parents who share your values can help you feel more connected to others. Additionally, it can help you when you’re lost and unsure of how to handle particular circumstances involving your foster child. Fortunately, there are numerous online communities and resources that can help. Here are three excellent blogs for foster parents to read.

3 Blogs for Foster Parents - Kids First, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX

Want some encouragement? Try these 3 blogs for foster parents.

3 Recommended Foster Parent Blogs

  • Known as the official blog of the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA), the NFPA Scoop provides information in the form of expert videos and personal anecdotes. Learn about national adoption and foster care news, as well as the resilience of adults who have survived and lived to tell the tale.   This is a good blog to follow if you want to keep up to date on what’s new in the foster care system while also learning personal tips along the way.
  • Looking for a personal blog written from a man’s point of view? Jason Johnson is the one to watch! Jason, a minister from Dallas, Texas, and the founder of the nonprofit Orphan Care Network, started his blog to help those who want to start the foster parenting process but are unsure where to begin. He has a personal message for foster dads in a blog titled “Fostering or Adopting: For the Husband Who Isn’t Sure” to help dads who are unsure about the decision. You’ll also find inspirational posts and spiritual guidance to help you along the way.
  • Foster parent Penelope discusses her struggles and triumphs on her blog Foster 2 Forever while fostering over 20 children. Her stories focus on behavioral issues as well as quirky but insightful posts like 5 Ways My Hearing Loss Made Me a Better Parent. Another article examines nature vs. nurture, with Penelope investigating how much genes influence her foster children’s behavior. She also has a free video series for those who want to learn more about the fostering process.

These blogs offer a good variety of information to get you going, whether you’re looking for the most recent fostering news or a personal blog you can identify with. Hearing what others have to say about the unique experience of foster parenting can help provide some guidance, which all parents could benefit from.

Kids First Helps Foster Parents Help Foster Children

Caring foster parents provide children with the support and stability they need when they need it most. All children need and deserve to grow up in a place free from abuse and neglect. Kids First takes pride in higher-level foster care for children and adolescents who require additional support. In order to keep children at the least restrictive yet most appropriate level of care, we partner with our foster parents and homes to offer trauma-informed care and additional services, such as in-home counseling, parent support and training, and more. Kids First is a state-licensed child welfare agency in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us today.