Kids First has a contract with the State of Texas to verify foster homes. A foster home is a temporary family for the child who was removed from an abusive or neglectful situation. All of our children have been removed from an abusive or neglectful situation by Child Protective Services. Kids First screens and verifies homes who are willing to care for the child(ren) on a short-term basis. The time frame can be as short as a few days to one year. By being a foster parent you are able to help many children and leave a lasting positive impact on their little lives.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Foster Parent:

  • Responsible Healthy Adult (21+ years old)
  • Stable Income
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Married or Single (if divorced, must be divorced for 6 months)

Steps to Becoming a Foster Family:

  1. Attend an Orientation
  2. Complete an Application
  3. Pass Background Checks
  4. Compete Training Offered by Kids First
  5. Pass a Fire and Health Home Inspection
  6. Provide various documents for your file
  7. Pass a Home Study

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