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Do you hear your teenager saying “I’m boooored”? As a parent (whether foster parent, adoptive parent, or just plain old parent) that can really get on your nerves. Never fear! We have put together some boredom busters to keep your teen busy during the summer or when stuck at home. Hopefully they will be a cure for your teen’s boredom.

1. Encourage Creativity

Creativity is not restricted to art, or music, or theater. Your teenager can be creative in many ways. Encourage them to focus on making things. It could be cooking, writing a novel, or even developing a website. The main purpose is to get them to use their minds making something and at the same time learning more.

2. Start a Project Together

This is a good opportunity to start a project together. Have your teen help you add shelves to the garage or repaint one of the rooms in the house. Perhaps your teen will enjoy helping you work on something mechanical. Think of something that will take some time to complete and will give you both a feeling of accomplishment.

3. Give Them New Responsibilities

It may not be considered “fun,” but this could be a good time to give your teen some new responsibilities. Let them feel you trust them with their new task. It could be something as simple as walking the dog. Something that is part of their household responsibilities and takes a bit of time every day.

4. Get Ready for the Sports Season

If your teen enjoys playing any type of sport, encourage them to practice, whether it be running or shooting hoops.  At the same time they will be keeping themselves fit for the new season. Or perhaps they would like to try something new such as dancing or roller-skating.


Finally, we at Kids First hope that you are able to keep your teen from getting bored this summer break, whatever tactic you decide on. Kids First is here to support our foster and adoptive families every step of the way. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. And if you want to investigate becoming a foster parent, we would love to talk to you.