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It’s here! Thanksgiving! We love the food and the family, but the day really centers on gratitude. So what are we giving thanks for this Thanksgiving?

Health and Safety

We’re so grateful that we’re here, and we’re healthy! In a normal year, that might sound obvious, but 2020 has been far from a normal year. With the pandemic, we have all come to a new awareness of just how valuable our health is. We’re praying that you, too, are healthy and safe this Thanksgiving.

Generous Hearts

What We Are Giving Thanks For - Kids First, Inc. - Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

We are giving thanks for YOU!

Every year we do our Christmas Wish List adoption. Children in the foster care system share their Christmas wish lists, we post them, and people all over DFW “adopt” them and make that child’s Christmas dreams come true. This year, we’re even more grateful than usual. Within hours of posting our lists, every child was “adopted.” That’s incredible!

For each of these sweet kids, Christmas can be a painful time. It’s a reminder they aren’t with their “normal” family, or it’s an opportunity to feel extreme disappointment. We are so thankful for the generous hearts of all of you that are stepping up to give. You are amazing.

A Great Team

We are giving thanks this year for a great team to work with. Of course that includes the staff at Kids First, who are so very vital to everything we are doing. Thank you team!

It also includes amazing foster families who sacrifice and work harder than anyone we know. Because of you, children’s lives are being changed right before our eyes. We can never say thank you enough for everything you are doing for them.

And of course… YOU

Thank you for caring about children. Thank you for wanting to help. Thank you for praying. If you’re ready to take the next step and speak to us about foster parenting, please contact us today. THANK YOU!